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P-PPS5239 Power Bank

  • Power bank + 5W wireless charger + solar panel
  • Material: ABS + solar panel + PU cover
  • Product size: 75.5x154x16mm
  • Battery capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Input ports: 1 Micro USB & 1 TYPE C, 5V/2A max
  • Output ports: 2 USB, 5V/2A max
  • Wireless output: 5W
  • Solar panel : 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs or 4pcs optional.
  • 2 ways to charge the power bank: 1st way: via Micro USB cable, 2nd way: Via solar panel under strong sunlight.
  • 2 ways to charge mobile phones:
  • 1st way: to charge mobile phones that support wireless charger functions wirelessly.
  • 2nd way: to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices via USB cable.
  • Built-in LED indicator to show the remaining power
  • With SOS light at rear of power bank. It’s also able to be taken as a torch.
  • Available color: black, white, blue and red.
  • Accessory: Micro USB cable