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Charger/Adapter/Cable/Power Bank

P-CCS188U Universal Plug

  • 【Brief】:
  • Universal plug and socket with dual USB adapter
  • Combination of universal plug and socket, with switches to change plug styles and provide different styles of socket, able to use in different countries globally. It also has 2pc USB port, serves as USB adapter.
  • - 1st Way: Input (plug): 100V-250V, Output (socket): 100V-250V
  • - 2nd Way: AC input: 110v-220v, USB output: 5V
  • - With different plug/pin styles, it is adaptable to wall sockets in different countries throughout the world. And it also convert multiple sockets in Europe, U.K., U.S.A., and Australia standards. Easy and convenient to use in different country.
  • - It has USB adapter function, with USB port output of 5V1000mA, it charge any electronic product which needs 5V power supply.
  • - Combo adjustable and compact; disassemble and assemble
  • -Surge protection provided, safe and stable in use.
  • -With LED power indicator
  • -Input: AC100V-250V
  • -Material: PC & full copper with nickel plating
  • -Unit Size:63x49x73mm
  • 【Series】:Universal Plug Adapter/USB hub