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Charger/Adapter/Cable/Power Bank

P-CCS182 Universal Plug

  • 【Brief】:
  • Product Details
  • Combo of socket and plug, ideal for travel use, easy to adapt to different wall socket
  • - Compact socket plug with 4pcs international standard plugs
  • work for Europe, UK, USA and Australia standard socket.
  • Switch to change pins.
  • - Small and convenient to use. Easy to carry.  Adapt to wall
  • sockets in many countries over the world.
  • - Overcharge protection, Short circuit production function
  • Features:
  • - Input: AC100V-250V
  • - Material: PC & full copper with nickel plating
  • Packing:
  • Clear PVC box
  • 【Series】:Universal Plug Adapter/USB hub